Bar In Ohio Makes Menstrual Themed Cocktails

ABC 7: “The bar is getting notoriety for their latest cocktail served with a tampon inside reported WJW.  “We have tequila, triple sec, a random flavor of Truly, and then we have the berries,” said Yuzu bartender Sarah Krueger. 

Krueger says she likes to get creative when it comes to cocktails and her latest creation called “even can’t literally” is no exception.

The drink is berry margarita that embodies the menstrual cycle, complete with a tampon applicator garnish.

What are we even talking about here? Why in the world would we need these? Listen I’m all for women’s rights and women empowerment. My wife is a woman, my mother was a woman, her mother and so on. I actually come from a long line of women. But this just isn’t the way to do it.

As a man, am I the best to speak on this topic? Absolutely not but answer me one question. Do you know who likes menstrual cycles? The answer is no one ever. Men hate them and women hate them even more. We can’t be celebrating MCs (I can’t type it again) with custom made cocktails, we need to be not talking about them at all. Even this blog is going against everything we need to be doing.

Women’s health is important. Might I suggest breast inspired foods and drinks instead? Even go the white Russian route and tie in breast milk. Don’t use actually breast milk, not saying that. Or how about a vagina cake on the dessert menu. Call it Pound Cake.

Just shooting from the hip here. Anything is better than a tampon in a cocktail.

Featured Image: ABC 7

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