Sixers Take A 2-1 Series Lead. Here’s A Sixers Appreciation Blog

Philly spanked Toronto last night. No other way to put it. It was a bloodbath. Outside of Kawhi and another 30+ point effort, the Raptors got completely out classed. They handed Toronto it’s fire wire to wire loss of the season. If you’re like me, you can’t wait for Sunday at 3:30. I just don’t see how the Raptors get back in this series. They look like a team that is about to come completely unglued, if they didn’t already last night.

Game 4 is key though, this is step on the throat game. Win on Sunday and Toronto folds in game 5 and it’s on the the ECFs. So since we don’t have a game until Sunday I thought I’d put together some of the best from Sixers Twitter and just overall highlights/appreciation.

Enjoy Sixers fans

The legend of Joel Embiid continues to grow

Jimmy Butler telling Joel to shot the 3’s and take us home was a moment for sure

Would love to have been in the locker room when a hyped up and most likely half buzzed Allen Iverson bursts through the doors

Iverson believes

Trouble in paradise?

Ben Simmons gets it


Featured Image: Twitter

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