D’Angelo Russell is an idiot! (Jared Dudley probably gave him the idea!)

So D’Angelo Russell, Jard Dudley and the Brooklyn Nets were bounced last week from the NBA Playoffs by the 76ers. (Who have a 2-1 series lead on the Raptors.)

Naturally after cleaning out lockers and having exit interviews the players are going to start dispersing Brooklyn. Some may head to Fiji while others might shoot over to Vegas to start enjoying the offseason.

D’Angelo Russell was no different. He headed over to LaGuardia Airport for a flight back to his hometown of Louisville. However he decided he couldn’t be without his weed…

So here’s a bright idea, he put it in a fake Arizona Iced Tea can in his checked bag.


Checked bags get scanned too dude. After his bag was flagged, scanned and searched Russell was pulled aside and questioned by TSA.

USA Today “Russell received a summons to appear in court for marijuana possession of less than 50 grams, according to the Port Authority spokesperson. The citation Russell received is a violation under New York law and is punishable by a fine of $100 or less.”

Gif – Tenor

No, that is no big deal. However if he is “convicted” he will have to enter the NBA’s marijuana program. He will not be suspended unless he has three violations.

But… Why?? You can get weed almost anywhere nowadays. It is 2019 and you are a star millionaire athlete. And… You are traveling to your HOMETOWN. Why on God’s Green Earth do you need to travel with the weed??

There is only one explanation for this dumbass move.

Image – newsday

Jared Dudley’s stupid ass looking face told him it was a good idea…

…And Russell was stupid enough to listen.


Feature Image – NothinbutNets

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