Looks Like Drake Has Already Cursed Vlad Guerrero Jr


The Drake curse is about to claim another victim and I don’t want to speak for all sports fans but Drake must be stop. 4 days ago Drake had the opportunity to meet Vlad Jr.

This came after Vlad made his debut where he went 1 for 4 with a big double to right field. Not a bad debut. Lot of excitement which can bring a ton of pressure for your first game, so no surprise he didn’t go nuts. So how is Vlad doing since meeting Drake?????

.200 batting average. 

Zero extra base hits

Zero runs scored

Zero RBIs

Four strike outs

You hate to see it. The Drake curse lives strong. The city of Toronto needs to completely cut ties with Aubrey if they ever want to see a parade. Next time he comes to the arena or stadium just turn him away. “Sorry sir your tickets are invalid on the account you’re a cloud of bad luck haunting us.” Hopefully they don’t come to this realization until after the NAB playoffs.

Sixers in 6

PS. I have an idea for a fire shirt if the Sixers do win this series.


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