Kansas City Chiefs Fan Calls CBS Radio To Defend Beating Children And Zach Gelb Puts Him In His Place

No other way around it, Robert is a prick. Can’t stand these types of blind faith fans and really people in general. We get it, you’re a fan of the team and it sucks that one of your players beat his kid. We all hate the situation because of an innocent child was seriously hurt, Robert is mad because Tyreek Hill is definitely going to get cut for this.  As he should. Bobby and his mid-west pea brain can’t separate football from what’s wrong and right in the world.

This lunatic actually tries to say kids aren’t innocent in an attempt to justify a grown adult attacking a toddler. Of course toddlers aren’t perfect…..THEY’RE BABIES!!!

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“bUt I gOt ThE bElT” No one cares if you got the belt Bob. Sorry your parents sucked and instead of trying to teach you how to act they just raised another mouth breather. I hope Zach and the radio station sent his number to the cops because Robert needs to be locked up. Knowing this guy goes home to his child/children with the mindset it’s alright to belt a baby is terrifying.

Imagine thinking a 3 year old not listening to you was out of malicious intent and not because their brains haven’t fully developed yet. Then imagine calling into a radio station to tell the world. Wild times we live in. And don’t think this is a PC police thing. Listen if you want to spank a child with your hand, I’m fine with that. But this is way beyond that. Using a weapon is drastically different than a spanking.

I’ll get off my soap box after I say one last thing. If you’re so sensitive about your sports teams that you could justify beating children or women just because a player on one of your teams did that. Do us all a favor. Toss your TV out a high window, delete all your connections to the outside world and never be heard from again. Go full Dexter finale mode (spoiler alert?)

Tired of people that just blindly defend something they support like sheep. Same as the fans that get all butt hurt any time someone in the media says something negative about their team or fans. Grow a brain and stop being so sensitive.

PS. Zach handled this perfectly. Fuck Robert. Atta boy Zach.

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