Browns Fan Turns to Twitter to Find Girl He Met at the NFL Draft, Only to Find Out She’s Been Married the Whole Time

Recently on social media, we have been seeing plenty of these romantic ploys to find a lost soulmate someone met at a concert or a venue. They live, laugh, love the night away but at the end, never get to exchange contact info to keep in touch. So, they turn to social media for aid in finding their long lost love.

It’s honestly just a re-enactment of that episode of How I Met Your Mother where Ted and his cupcake lady girlfriend spend the whole night enjoying a wedding without learning each other’s names. Except, then Ted wakes up in the morning and realizes, damn, this whole show is about me finding the mother of my children, probably should’ve got that girls phone number.
That’s what we had last week at the NFL Draft. A young man and a young lady were living the life in Nashville (or so it seemed). They took a selfie together and then went their separate ways, seemingly lost forever. Pulling on the heart strings, the most sad young love story since the end of Paper Towns. So, the young man turned to Twitter for help.
Welp, he got it….

Married the whole time is not a plot twist I saw coming. It makes me feel somewhat bad for the male Browns fan. The internet is calling him a liar. Who am I to judge? Haven’t we all shown up at a once in a lifetime event, asked for a picture with a complete stranger, turned to social media to find them because your phone was dead (even though there was enough battery to take a picture), and then find out your potential soulmate was already married?
The real question here is, why were you even at the draft if you’re a Browns fan? You traded your first round pick away for Odell Beckham. You won already. It’s like the guy at the gym who has 5 plates on either side when he benches, you don’t need to be here anymore.
That’s what’s really annoying, Cleveland is actually good at football now. I could’ve ended this saying, “another L in the long line of L’s for Cleveland”. That just doesn’t play anymore. I guess we’re all broken hearted this week. Except for the women in the picture who’s been happily married this whole time.
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