The Buried Treasure of Delco’s Robin Hood


If you’re from Delco you know the true treasure is it’s people. The one of a kind family you have to visit another city to truly appreciate. But that’s not what I’m here to tell you about. I’m here to tell you there’s actually Boobie Trapped Buried Treasure buried on our fine land. Treasure no one has ever been able to find and no one ever will.

The story centers around a man named James FitzPatrick. James was born in Chester county and grew up apprenticing as a blacksmith. As you can imagine this helped him grow to be a man of a strong build and stature. When the revolutionary war started James signed right up for the Continental Army. During his time serving in the army he was flogged for some infraction and he immediately deserted, was arrested, reenlisted and then along the way joined the British Army. After the Brits fled the Philadelphia area in 1778, James stuck around. It was at this time his life of crime began. He started raids on Tax collectors, the Continental Army and wealthy locals. He would rob and flog these men as paybacks for the torture he suffered while enlisted in the continental Army. One such man he caught, an officer with nice hair, well he even cut this man’s hair off to demoralize him. During this time he became known as Sandy Flash and Captain Fitz, both pretty decent Bandit names if you ask me.

Now you want to know where the buried treasure is don’t you? Where he operated out of? Well his hideout was awesomely named CASTLE ROCK located near the Edgmont Regal. Castle Rock was a great hideout. The crags in the rocks and the cave inside made it an amazing hideout and treasure trove for Sandy Flash. Legend has it that he boobie trapped the entire rock fortress to protect his treasure. Something straight out of Goonies. Now there is others who say there was no treasure because Sandy loved doting on young women and the local poor too much. Sandy was actually seen as a local Robinhood and much beloved by those he helped. But trying to sore on young women would ultimately be his undoing. In 1778 while robbing a farm due to the girl who lived there, Sandy Flash was captured and turned over to authorities. After many attempts of escape he was finally hung on September 26, 1778. In a truly horrible way to die, the hangman had to climb up on Sandy Flash’ shoulders to kill him since the rope was too long when they dropped him from the gallows.

Now for many years after many tried to find the Sandy Flash treasure. Many were injured and killed trying to find Sandy’s treasure. So finally the US government blasted the cave shut permanently burying The Flash treasure forever.

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August 23, 2019 9:52 pm

II searched for his booty awalt.farran@glong crum creek and found his saddlebags in 1972

August 23, 2019 9:53 pm
Reply to  Walt

You found what in those bags?

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