Don’t Worry Houston, James Harden Has Put The Thots On Ice For The Rest Of The Playoffs

Our Super Reliable source from Houston is telling us that James Harden has put all the ladies on hold for there playoffs, basically that’s his “Playoff Mode Activation” Keep the THOT’s away. We will see if it helps, no word of if he will be playing any defense.-TO

I’m not sure who this reliable source is, but whoever is in charge of keeping track of James Harden’s thottourage has put the ladies in formation while James focuses on getting more fouls called against him and winning and NBA title.

Black Sports Online has done the heavy lifting and compiled a list of all of the official thouttourage members, and I’m really curious which one is the HBIC. According to all sources it seems like it’s currently IG model arabmoney.

Earlier this month I guess she guaranteed a title for the Rockets so if they lose to the Warriors you can blame ___arabmoney instead of a missed call with no landing zone. It is under her watch James Harden will have to stay focused on his job, playing in the NBA, instead of getting caught up in IG model drama.

I truly think it’s dangerous to the NBA community, having no formal training on how to manage the IG model/Kardashian thottourage. We’re seeing it with rookies like Ben Simmons, Kyle Kuzma and Jayson Tatum. If you can manage the pussy patrol, the pussy patrol manages you. For a superstar like James Harden he probably has a different one each night of the week. Is it just acceptable to have a different IG model in your family tickets every game? Are other players just like damn, Friday night is a 10? Step up your Wednesday night game…


Whatever it is you girls have to back down for at least another week. James Harden has to do his yearly stretch of playing 2 consecutive dominant games only to not show up at all the next game in which Chris Paul coincidentally pulls his hamstring and the Warriors easily win. Like the flowers blooming into Spring this time of year, James Harden’s annual ‘is he on drugs game’ marks the end of another NBA season.



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