Baseball Ump Ejects Announcer

Brutal look for umps everywhere. Probably some nerdy little announcer that thought it would be funny and the crowd would get a kick out of it. Then, boom, guy goes all Joe West on his ass. 1st of this can’t be allowed. Don’t want to hear three blind mice during the game, fix your strike zone chump.Same as in sports, don’t want the other team dancing in your end zone? Keep them out.

2. Pleeeeeeeaaaaassseeee tell me the crowd just sang three bind mice for the rest of the game. Could you imagine the ump trying to throw out every single fan. “Hey you! Row 4 seat 16! Get the fuck out of here!!! And you laughing behind him, you too. You better not be smiling hot dog bitch or I’ll toss that ass too!!!”

Going to need the internet and Chuckles to do what they do best. Get me this man’s @ pronto


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