AROD about to get a call from the Yanks [VIDEO]

It is not a secret that the Yankees have been the most injured team in the league this season. They have had up to 14 players on the IL, they could basically field and All-Star team with the dudes that are hurt.

The guys that have been called up have been playing really well. The Yanks have won 3 in a row, 9 out of their last 10 and are in second play in the division. Behind the MLB record leading Tampa Bay Rays.


It seems like to be he if their former World Series Champions, still got it.

Look at that arm… The dude is clean and still has a cannon. Imagine what he would look like in the batters box.

I’m sure the Yankees are still paying him somehow, so why not give the big fella a call and see if he can work some magic before the horses return.

He has completely fixed his image. He was the most hated man in country and now he is America’s sweetheart, him and JLo are so damn cute.

I mean he why not give him a shot right? Couldn’t be much worse than Giancarlo Stanton averaging 3 strikeouts a game when he’s healthy…


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