Mugshot Monday: NFL GM Steve Keim

Happy Monday after the NFL Draft everyone. The number of people in the streets of Nashville was insane.

In honor of the NFL Draft we thought why not base Mugshot Monday around it..

No, we are not featuring a player who got caught smoking weed. We are featuring one of the leaders of the league.

The Arizona Cardinals had the first overall pick in this year’s Draft. They picked Oklahoma QB Kyler Murray.

The Cardinals GM was arrested last Summer over 4th of July weekend. He was pulled over and was suspected of driving drunk. After several samples taken it was determined his BAL was above the legal level.

I mean I know Keim has crazy eyes but did they even need to take a sample…

Image – TMZ

Pink shirt, white shorts, dad shoes… Always a great look.

Image – Fox 10

They don’t call him “Krazy Eyes Keim” for no reason. Actually I don’t know if anyone calls him that but everyone should.

Stay Sober or get Pulled Over!


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