How the Throne is Won

Spoilers: THE GOOD GUYS WIN BABY. ARYA STARK IS ONE BAD ASS BITCH. But now there’s a throne to win with no army and possibly one or two or none dragons. We’re not really sure. Team good guys definitely left licking some major wounds and need reinforcements.


Daario Naharis:Yeah remember him? Good looking former lover of the Khaleesi? Yeah he and the second sons from what I understand are still loyal to her and keeping the peace in the Bay of Dragons. How’s he get to Westeros though? Well good thing Theon Greyjoy saves his sister before going out like a badass completing his redemption arc. Yes so Yara can go get on her ships and get Khaleesis men and bring them back for the war to end all Westeros Wars.

Meanwhile what was Bran doing the whole episode while warging into those birds? I think he was sending ravens to them all telling them to get their asses in gear there’s a war to be won. There’s also reports and by reports I mean twitter rumors about the red priests having an army at their disposal in Essos called the Warriors of the Fiery Hand. If Bran Stark is the Lord of Light like I believe he is, then there’s good reason to believe they’re about to get a raven telling them to get their asses over here. Just another thought.

Wait one last thing, the white walkers must’ve been Targaryans. Why else don’t the die when being burned?

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