NFL Ruining Bachelorette Parties!

Listen I love the NFL more than anything. (Except my wife and family duh.)

And I absolutely love the draft. Having it in Nashville sounded like a fantastic idea. However… It seems that the NFL did not take the proper precautions while planning the draft.

I guess they didn’t realize that Nashville has become one of the top spots in the US for Bachelorette parties..

Apparently the NFL did not send out a warning sign letting all the ladies know that this weekend wouldn’t be the best time to celebrate the bride to be in Nashville.

Ladies are arriving in town ready to listen to country music, drink their faces off and dance the nights away, but are running into this:

Tons and tons of guys wearing their favorite NFL jerseys and talking about dudes named Ed Oliver and Dwayne Haskins.

Needless to say… The ladies are NOT happy!

But I have to be honest guys… The ladies are not to blame. The NFL is not to blame. Their husbands are the only ones to blame for this!

How could you not say “uh.. babe the NFL Draft is gonna be in Nashville that weekend you should go a different weekend.”

There is NO CHANCE IN HELL I would allow my wife to have gone to Nashville this weekend. Not because I’m scared about her being there with thousands of drunk NFL dudes.


Because I know she would be miserable and it would be MY fault. Sorry dudes of the pissed off ladies there this weekend…

You deserve every bit of shit that’s coming your way!


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