Kate Beckinsale & Pete Davidson’s romance is OVER after 4 months!

I wouldn’t doubt it if people placed actual money bets on how long the relationship between Kate Beckinsale and Pete Davidson would last. So, for those who guessed 4 months, I hope you won lots of money.


The two got real serious real fast, and rather than just slow it down, they have officially called it a quits. According to Beckinsale, sources say she didn’t understand why their relationship gained so much attention. REALLY KATE?? Have you looked in a mirror? You’re a 10 and although Pete is funny, he’s a 4 at best. You got so much attention because people couldn’t believe that Davidson scored such a hottie as yourself.


Sources say the reason for their breakup was because of all the attention. Hmm aren’t you both celebrities? Aren’t you used to all that attention? Something doesn’t quite add up there but they both confirmed that it had nothing to do with the fact that Beckinsale was old enough to be Davidson’s mom (MILF) aka their 20 year age gap.

Oh well, that’s the end of those two. Props to Davidson, though. He basically fulfilled the sexual fantasies of many, MANY men in this world.


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