Dwayne Haskins Has A Nude Of His Girlfriend As His Phone Background

The 2019 NFL Draft was mostly centered around how bad teams fucked up, which honestly is how it usually is. Scouting and drafting players has to be the hardest job, even further proof because the Patriots always seem to suck at it. After Kyler Murray was selected with the #1 pick leaving my man Josh Rosen presumably without a starting job just one year removed from being the 10th pick, the rest of the night was all about digging up old tweets and laughing at the Giants and Raiders. Honestly as a fan of any other team last night was kind of fun. You might not care about the offensive tackle your team took at pick 12 but watching these guys get plucked from college and handed $10 million dollars from one single phone call because they have big hands and are quick off the edge is captivating.

Everyone pretty much knew Dwayne Haskins was going to be taken by the Redskins at 15. Pretty lame year in the draft for QB’s and I think most other teams would rather wait a year or so to try and get their franchise QB in someone like Tua or Trevor Lawrence. But the Redskins are the Redskins and with Alex Smith’s horrific leg injury that may force him out of football forever, why not take a chance on someone like Haskins.

First he went relatively viral for legit laughing on camera when the Giants drafted Daniel Jones at 6 because honestly it was pretty fucking funny. When you aren’t at draft night so you can have your own massive party at a bowling alley, anything goes.

I’m not sure what Haskins was expecting, since again pretty much everyone knew he was being drafted by his hometown team in DC, but when he did finally get that coveted Dan Snyder phone call, he maybe should have considered what might happen if he just started flashing his phone to everyone including the approx. 18 children in attendance.

Sitting directly next to his smokeshow girlfriend when the call came through, Haskins showed his screen with an incoming call from the DMV to everyone in the room as they raucously cheered. No one seemed to pay any attention that his phone background was actually a naked pic of said smokeshow girlfriend.

I’ve got to admit from the blurred out image we can see, she does look to have some amazing boobs. I can understand why you might make this your phone background, especially if you’re a guy like Dwayne Haskins trying to let everyone know that even though you didn’t get drafted higher, you are still banging chicks. On the other hand, I would also not be surprised if this girlfriend demanded the photo be his phone background. If you’re crazy enough to let your man have a picture of your tits as your background, you’re liable to slash a few tires or smack a few bitches if they try to steal your man. The way she’s looking at the phone and clapping too like YAASS time to start collecting Birkins and oh yeah my boobs look awesome too! As I’ve said time and time again, there is absolutely no job a woman could get out of college or even really in a lifetime that pays like an NFL player, and an NFL quarterback to be more specific so I do not blame these girls for latching on and making their presence known. I respect the fuck out of it. Ms. Haskins keep those nudes coming and we got the memo to leave Dwayne alone!




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