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You’ve heard all the sayings. Chicks dig scars. Chick dig the long ball. These days, the saying should be, chicks dig mobile quarterbacks who can throw over the top of the defense. Another NFL Draft is upon us and quarterbacks are once again the theme. When quarterbacks are available, and teams are looking for THAT franchise guy, trades are bound to happen.

We got you covered.
Every/any trade that goes down tonight. Teams moving up. Teams moving down. What compensation comes from the trade. Who is drafted as a result of the trade. Maybe even some opinions on the trades to get the juices flowing. It’s all updated here.
Let me go on record with our trade tracker as one that hasn’t gone down YET but inevitably will: Redskins or Giants moving up in the draft, giving up a boatload if picks, and then taking a quarterback not named Dwayne Haskins.
Now, the actual trades as they come in can be found below:

Trade For 10th Overall Pick:

Steelers Receive:

-10th Overall Pick (Devin Bush)

Broncos Receive

-20th Overall Pick

-52nd Overall Pick

-2020 3rd Round Pick 


Trade for the 22nd Overall Pick:

Eagles Receive:

-22nd Overall Pick (selected Andre Dillard)

Ravens Receive:

-25th Overall Pick

-2019 4th Round Pick 

-2019 6th Round Pick

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