LeBron Isn’t Feuding With The Lakers Because He Actually Just Doesn’t Give A Shit

Some schmuck at ESPN was probably just trying to go viral with a LeBron story since everyone is reporting NBA playoff ratings are down 31% without him with this one but when LeBron is forced to address you I guess it worked.


I don’t know if I mentioned it but LeBron is not currently in the playoffs. Unfortunately for me that also means that my Lakers are not currently in the playoffs. I’m not sure if the two are mutually exclusive or one is a result of the other but LeBron has a lot more time on his hands to watch daytime ESPN2 programs and post Instagram stories freely now that the Lakers are not in the playoffs. And for the biggest superstar on the biggest team in the NBA to be in such a good mood in the gym after completely missing the playoffs is quite an interesting move.


Why is LeBron in such a good mood after *his* team missed the playoffs, fired their head coach, had their president suddenly quit and can’t attract any free agents because they are the laughing stock of the league? Well I couldn’t figure it out either until I remembered that LeBron literally just does not give a fuck. All he wanted was to get to live in LA, make his TV show and movies, wear cool Lakers outfits and rack up his personal records. Yeah LeBron missing the playoffs prevents him from scoring more points but nothing he can’t make up for next year once he demands Ty Lue get hired and tells these kids to just shut up and give LeBron the ball. He certainly isn’t here to play defense or win championships, he said so himself.

LeBron is living his dream life right now. It’s been killing him to not be able to post his mid workout, shirtless Instagram music videos and I guarantee he had a countdown clock to when it felt enough time had passed that people might forget. Well, people don’t forget, LeBron. You think Kobe would be laughing it up flexing in the gym on Instagram if he just disgraced the most storied franchise in sports and missed the playoffs? Michael Jordan would be addressing Dave fucking McMenamin about how he feels about the front office? LeBron isn’t feuding with the Lakers because he does not care what happens to us. You can’t win me over with a little #LakeShow hashtag and some purple and gold hearts. Bring me a fucking ring LeBron or get the fuck out of my city.

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