Kendall Jenner Is Going To The Ends Of The Earth To Win Ben Simmons Back After She Maybe Hooked Up With French Montana

While the Kardashian curse is certainly real, especially for NBA players, it appears that there is no such thing for the Jenner girls. Kylie is a billionaire and Travis Scott is doing pretty well. So when Kendall starting frequently sitting court side and streaming Sixers games in the car with her friends to support her bae Ben Simmons, it was a recipe for disaster. But in a sick turn of events, the Sixers didn’t always lose when Kendall was around.

When asked if in a TMZ interview if he believes Jenner dating Simmons is a problem for the Sixers as a as a team, Rubin did not think twice about his response. “13-2 since they’ve been dating,” Rubin quickly said, pointing to the Sixers’ record in the time that Jenner and Simmons have been dating.

I for one was looking forward to playoff Kendall. And when her seat was harrowingly empty for each of the Sixers home games, the streets began talking as they typically do, those streets. I mean if Kendall had been in the crowd do you think Jared Dudley could have just got away with that troll job? No, not on Kendall’s watch.

Last week the blogs started to speculate that the two had broken up and were already seeing other people. Ben allegedly had another girl over his apartment after the game and Kendall was hanging out with her friends at Coachella who happened to be of the opposite sex. People just straight up assume that if you’re as hot as Kendall Jenner you just feel the need fuck every guy you meet?

BUT THEN it’s speculated that Ben is really pissed off at Kendall because she actually hooked up with none other than French Montana at Kourtney Kardashian’s 40th birthday party.

According to,

They were all over each other all night, and were seen flirting and kissing, not caring who saw them or what others thought. It’s unclear whether it’s because they were drunk or because they are maybe starting a relationship.

Truthfully this makes absolutely no sense to me. I’m just using my intuition here but I don’t think Kendall is trying to date her sisters ex boyfriend who is also French Montana. French seems like a cool and funny guy and I like him for Khloe but he’s not Kendall Jenner’s type. Kendall is the cream of the crop, and this soon after Jordyn Woods? Kendall is a Jenner after all, Kris Jenner is her flesh and blood. This family doesn’t do the cheating, they get cheated on. The story just doesn’t seem right to me.

Here’s Kendall looking extremely uninterested in partying or cheating on her boyfriend while laying on a couch in the middle of a 40th birthday party. French Montana is wasted, sitting on the arm of the couch to do some chair dancing. Everyone knows chair  dancing is the best move at a party. Less hand eye coordination necessary. He has his elbow over one of Kendall’s crossed legs and I’m not sure she even noticed what was happening because whatever was going on her phone was way more entertaining. Kendall was gleaming from ear to ear from whatever she’s looking at and it ain’t French Montana. She was probably scrolling through Sixers twitter and buying a Branded Jimmidelphia shirt.

The latest is that Sports Gossip got a DM from one of Ben Simmons’ verified twitter friends saying that the girl Ben was seen with was actually his girlfriend and that Kendall is the one begging for forgiveness. Something tells me Ben Simmons is actually the type to get super pissed about French Montana sliding an elbow over Kendall’s knee here. She is apparently trying “hella hard” to win Ben back and get back on the court by calling him a lot and Facetiming with him for hours.


I think the main argument for this not being a double standard against Jordyn Woods is the leg positioning. In Jordyn’s case it was pretty clear she had her legs OVER Tristan’s while she sat on the arm of the couch. In French’s case he is only putting an elbow over a kneecap. Kendall Jenner’s legs are like 6′ long anyways so French Montana having his elbow over her knee is miles away from her vagina. I bet French is like a cool uncle to Kendall. Ben needs to let it go and realize which Kardashian/Jenner he’s messing with. Or else I feel like we’d be close to another Danny Amendola social media meltdown.



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