James Holzhauer is the Best Jeopardy Champion of All Time

James Holzhauer is on absolute TEAR right now on Jeopardy.  He just won his 15th straight game, and has won a total of $1,135,175 over that span.  For all you mouth breathers out there who can’t do mental math, that’s an average of $75,678.33 per episode.  That breaks down to $3,439.92 per minute.  That is a ridiculous amount of money to win in 22 minutes of gameplay.

James has hands down the biggest nutsack that has ever stood at a Jeopardy podium.  He goes all in every single chance he gets, and he bets wild amounts like $17,381 just because he’s a fucking lunatic.

I don’t want to hear “Oh, but Ken Jennings won for 74 days straight and won $2.5 million!!”  I don’t give a fuck about Ken Jennings.  His sorry ass only averaged $33,783 per episode – absolute chump change compared to the kind of scratch my man James is raking in.  Again, if you suck at math, that’s less than half of what James makes per episode.  Fucking weak if you ask me.

Everett Collection/Jeopardy Productions, Inc

Look at these two.  That’s Ken Jennings on the left.  Now, does he look a little kooky?  Sure.  But, James is a complete psychopath.  James would tear Ken to shreds, and with that under bite, he could do it without even using his hands.  Would probably look like a rabid coyote or something.

I’m 100% Team James.  I’m going to ride this train until it violently derails and crashes into a flaming ball of twisted metal – because that’s obviously going to happen at some point.  You can’t play Jeopardy the way James plays, and expect to win forever.  His outlandish bets and his smug attitude will bite him in the ass at some point.  That being said, I’m ALL IN (get it?) on James.  I’ve never been more jazzed up over a Jeopardy contestant.  RIDE OR DIE JAMES



Featured Photo – Newsweek

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