Goodbye Beast Mode

As per reports, Marshawn Lynch has decided not to play football anymore after 2 seasons as a member of the Oakland Raiders.

Lynch will end his career playing in 148 games. Rushing for 10,379 yards and scoring 84 touchdowns.

Marshawn has been a gift to football fans all across the world. Not only how hard he played the game on the field, but how much fun he had off the field.

Lynch had one of the greatest runs in NFL history. It literally produced an earthquake.

When he wasn’t running over defenders on the field he was taking carts for rides..

I almost completely forgot how good he looked in that Buffalo blue.

Image – Spokesman Review

I still think he should be allowed to punch Pete Carroll in the face anytime he likes, for not running the ball on the goal line in the Super Bowl.

Image – For The Win

I really am going to miss seeing Beast Mode running fools over and flying into the end zone.

Gif – Giphy

I honestly believe that Lynch is the essence of “no fucks given.” I don’t believe he gave one during his entire career. (Except for not getting the ball on the goal line in the Super Bowl of course.)

Gif – Giphy

He also had one of the greatest late night performances of all time on The Conan Show with Gronk!

Whether it’s his love of Skittles:

Or his way with people in his community..

He will be missed. But we will never forget what he’s about..

Gif – Giphy

Go eat Skittles and live you life Beast Mode!

Gif – Giphy


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