6 GOT Theories

You’ve come here seeking theories about Game of Thrones, well you’re in the wrong place. Actually gonna just write 6 paragraphs about Detective Pikachu and how great it’s gonna be. Kidding. Let’s get to brass tax:

Ned Stark will appear again
I always find it very fishy when the GOT cameras don’t show a death to the very end. I find it fishier when for some reason Jaqen H’ghar was in the same jail as Ned Stark before the execution. Add that to in the books, Arya and Sansa both do not recognize their father in this time. Also add together all that with that promptly after Ned’s execution Jaqen:Is dragged out of town by Yoren: So what I’m wondering is how did a Super assassin faceless man end up in jail and on his way to the wall? I’m thinking he placed himself there. Why? To help a possible old friend, Ned Stark, escape Westeros. Or is it possible, Little Finger being the super creep he is kept his promise to his childhood while looking clean? Did he pay Jaqen to save Ned? Cause as much as I love Ned, he wouldn’t have let his kids die unless he left Westeros altogether. Or per say was dragged out of Westeros. Could Varys have paid to save Ned from losing his head? Possibly. So Yes, I’ve long believed Ned Stark lives but I’ll admit I could be wrong. The other way he may rise again is my next theory:

All Those in The Stark Crypts Will Rise Again3d884cd0-b933-4c4c-9e78-95e817d4f5db-clipboard12.jpgI mean they could not have went more overboard claiming women and children would be safe in the crypts. That tells us that some shit is going down in those crypts. Ancient Starks rising again in accordance with what will be most fucked up on hbo. Will they necessarily be evil monsters controlled by the Night King? We shall wait and see. I feel a good bit that Winterfell is a magical place and the Starks obviously have magic in their blood. This hopefully will keep some series favorites from rising again as minions of the dead.

The Night King is not attacking Winterfell
Yes you are reading me correct. Mr. Steal your Dragon is not coming for Bran Stark. Dude is going for a bigger target to ensure he can come back and get Bran Stark: King’s Landing. How many people are in King’s Landing? 1 Million. How many servants of the dead would that make? 1 Million. He’s gonna let his homies, the white walkers, shoot their shot against the dragons and the forces of winterfell while he goes and takes the Iron throne. Yeah you are hearing me. He’s gonna kill everyone’s favorite queen with Dragonfire and take a quick respite on the iron throne. So imagine, Battle of Winterfell. Thousands die, they win thinking shit we just fended off the hordes, BUT OH FUCK HERE COMES THE NIGHT KING WITH A DRAGON, A MILLION FOLLOWERS AND 20,000 members of the GOLDEN COMPANY. Man if I was playing game of thrones risk, and I was the Night King, That is how I am playing this out. 2 shots is better than 1. Also just the time it would take to move his army rather than just fly a dragon to kings landing. He’s there in less than an episode. Fucks up Cersei’s life and it all backfires in her face. Shoot your shot and ensure your victory. That’s what Charlie Sheen Called #WINNING.

Tormund or Jamie will Die for Brienne of TarthGoT-Sn7_FirstLook_06Remember the two teams formed when Twilight Captured Millennial’s imaginations ten years ago? Well it is back, with actual men and one hunk of a lady. Personally I am 100% Team Tormund. Dude loves some big women and he’s willing to suck off a Giant’s Wife to get him some. Dude was stricken with love the moments he beheld her in his blue eyes. Then theres Team Jamie. Yes they have major history. Loads. They journeyed together. Jamie Knighted her. Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah. Jamie also screwed his sister. Brienne really wants to play sloppy seconds in a game of incest? I do not think so. Jamie is my guess who will sacrifice himself, completing his character redemption story and Tormund will get his girl. Or maybe they all die and I am shitty at this whole prediction thing.

Winterfell is Where Winter Fell
This is my laziest theory but I figured I would Share it. Why name Winterfell? Because this is the spot the Night King was last defeated. I feel this possibly means there may be some kind of heavy magic underneath the complex. Maybe something the Night King needs. You have heard them say, “There must always be a Stark in Winterfell” I wonder if this is a pact that the Starks made in order to keep the Night King at bay. I wonder if when Theon kicked the Stark brothers out of their own castle that he may have set the Night King into motion? Possibly but there is more to this. Could this be Theon’s redemption story? Could Theon be the killer of the Night King? Could this be how he finds eternal redemption for his sins? We shall see.

Bran Stark Lord of Light
This is something I have been thumping for a long time. Bran is no longer Bran. He told Jamie that just this past’s not quite sure what he is. Well we know he is the 3 Eyed Raven and I feel he’s possibly the Lord of Light too. So when they were all gathered in the war room and he explains how the Night King wants to kill him so he can turn it all to darkness… SEE you are realizing it now too. If the Night King is the Darkness, then Bran Stark is now the LIGHT. That being said I also think Bran Stark is long dead. Usually when their direwolf has died so has the stark child outside of Sansa. I’m not sure that Sansa’s Wolf is indeed dead. I think her father spared lady and thus this binary pattern holds true.


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