ICYMI: Dave Portnoy Is Cornering Mike Francesa

Yesterday Dave Portnoy jumped on Mike’s show and cornered him to do a pizza review. By the way, Mike calling Portnoy “Dave from Boston” was laugh out loud funny.

Mike batted away the suggestion but I was thinking it still has a shot. The internet is too big, too strong. They can make anything happen. With enough support Mike’s hands will basically be tied. He’ll have to link up and jump into a review.

Then this morning Mike addressed the pizza invite directly.

No idea if that is good or bad or in between. Mike has become a complete wildcard the last couple years. Talks about guys that aren’t playing sports any longer like they are on an active roster. He yells and screams at random people through out the day. Anything is possible but this is definitely a step in the right direction. Two days again Mike was thinking Pizza and Portnoy. Now he can’t avoid it. Time to give in Mike and get with the times.

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