The Great McNabb War of 2019 Waged Well Into the Night

Donovan McNabb is in the headlines again…
It starts HERE…

Elevates with Lane Johnson teeing off…

And took a strange turn when McNabb spiraled down into his mentions to reply to everyone with odd GIFs…

Do you know how pissed Carson Wentz probably was that he was getting attacked on Easter Sunday?! He got out of Easter Sunday mass and was probably absolutely disgusted that the resurrection of Jesus was being overshadowed by a failed resurrection of Donovan McNabb’s career as an analyst.

I’m a big McNabb guy because he was the quarterback of my childhood. He and Allen Iverson were the pillars of success for a young Philadelphia sports fan. But since the end of their tenure as a player in Philly, they’ve taken two totally different routes.
Allen Iverson has gracefully transitioned from player to ambassador. He sits courtside and cheers on the team harder than harder than that old white guy with the towel. He rings the bell, he greets the other athletes, he throws out first pitches, he does it all. But most importantly, he embraces the talent on the current roster including the point guard Ben Simmons. He clearly wants them to win.

McNabb on the other hand has become an analyst. A member of the media who can’t root for a team or a player because they are forced to be objective. It’s hard to be an ambassador when your job requires you to be critical. There’s no shame in that, a lot of formers players do, but it’s led McNabb down the opposite path of AI. AI has become the Sixers OG. Donovan has become just another media member analyzing (criticizing) Philadelphia sports.

Even so, it’s okay for McNabb, as an analyst, to say Carson Wentz has a lot to prove. It’s true! He does! He will (I hope)! But to take it to the extreme point where McNabb states the Eagles should find a new quarterback if Wentz doesn’t reach the NFC championship in two years is just unnecessary. For a guy who has a Twitter bio that says “love to see ournyoung kids flourish”, it certainly does seem to be a situation where a practice what you preach approach is needed.

By making that reach from “he’s got to prove himself” to “find a new quarterback soon if he doesn’t” is where you enter a huge grey area. Go ahead and get that clout as an analyst by getting your name in the headlines with a statement like that. You’ll lose all the fans who once adored you as a player in the process. Donovan the player was my hero. Donovan the analyst is just another talking head attacking Philly sports stars for no damn good reason.


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