Is Horseradish Sauce a Top 5 Worst Condiment?

Picture this. It’s 6:00 and you just sat down for dinner. You order a burger. This fine establishment pops out the greatest burgers.
The waitress comes over with your burger. Done medium rare, only the finest for the finest guest.

There’s fries with that burger. Along side those fries comes ketchup. The waitress comes back to ask about the food. All is good. Burger is cooked perfectly. Fries are crisp. You’ve got a great dipping sauce. Some would say number 1.

She asks – because perhaps you’re European, – “would you like mayo with your fries?” You ponder this question. It rarely is asked to you. A bad question? No. Certainly not. Mayonnaise is a great condiment.

“Hmm” you reply. “Yes sure why not. You certainly didn’t offer me horseradish sauce!”

The whole restaurant erupts in laughter. The audacity to think someone would even consider horseradish sauce has made everyone gone made with laughter.

In conclusion. Fuck horseradish sauce.

No offense

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