This Is A Love Story With A Wild Twist Ending

This is why I love twitter. Just the best of the best. You can literally find anything you’re looking for on the site. Have an opinion? Hop on twitter and you can quickly find thousands of people that agree with you and thousands that will tell you to go fuck your own face.

But What twitter also provides is pure comedy. Like this little love triangle.

Let’s breakdown what happened here. First we have the mistaken text.


Classic mix up. Happens all the time. Most likely what happened here is Aly did our dude Alex dirty. Probably flirting at the bar and she gave some fake number because Alex’s breath smelled bad or he was saying things like “you’re too cute to not b smiling.” Poor Alex, just trying to get a lunch buddy but coming up empty handed.

So what happens next? Alex and Jen have a little giggle at Aly’s expense. Fuck her for being such a rude bitch amirite?

twist 2

OMFG!!!! Lolzzz and all that nonsense. Aly is so cray cray. everything is going great until Alex has an epiphany and not one you might be thinking.

twist 3.PNG

JESUS CHRIST ALEX!!!! Ya think?!!?! Not sure it needed to come to this to get you level headed but glad we got here I guess.

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