Olivia Culpo Finally Leaving Danny Amendola To Rot In Hell As She’s Spotted Canoodling With Zedd And An NHL Player In The Same Week Which Has Caused Danny To Post And Delete Petty IG Stories

Sorry to take you on another headline roller coaster but this story is the song that never ends. I have made a promise to my 12 followers and myself to always keep you on the cutting edge of Olivia Culpo and Danny Amendola’s love story and boy do I have an update for you.

Last I reported Olivia and Danny had unfollowed each other and Danny was posting desperate Instagram stories with another girl who seemed to be having a miserable time. She appears to still be in the picture as she’s been thotting up here and there to drive Danny around and take some more IG stories. He has not been shy about having this chick on display.

Meanwhile Olivia has been getting that bag. She’s been working and influencing and hanging out with her adorable nephew Remi. She’s been posting a lot more exercise Instagrams and nothing could possibly cut Danny deeper than seeing Olivia in a spandex two piece. Except embracing with Zedd at Coachella I guess.

Every model/TV personality/influencer deserves a little bit of r&r and there is no better place to stunt on your ex, try a new hairstyle and see a few cool bands than Palm Springs for Coachella. I didn’t even realize it was more than one weekend so we have to do this all again? Well, here’s where the story gets more interesting. Zedd was “performing” at Coachella where Olivia was busy influencing. During Ariana Grande’s set, Olivia and Zedd can be seen canoodling, if you will. Here is a :15 second video by TMZ to prove it.

As if this wasn’t enough, Olivia was also backstage for Zedd’s set with tits out for the boys, well sideboob out for the boys.


I know what you’re all thinking–good for Olivia. She finally broke free of her fuckboy ex boyfriend who cheated on her with a dollar store ripoff and couldn’t nut up and commit. You know that famous saying,

“You want a whore, buy one. You want a queen, earn her”

Well it appears Danny would rather spend his $4 million dollar Lions salary on whores while our queen Olivia is moving onward and upward. Her cuddling sesh with Zedd at Coachella came just a week after she was spotted on a double date with NHL player Aaron Varos.

And well, would you look at that. Just one day after the TMZ article is published, Danny posted (and has since deleted) this Instagram story. Thank god someone screen recorded this because by the time I went to write this it was already gone.


Danny made sure to squeeze every muscle he has available while he rested his laptop right on his dick, hopefully providing enough radiation to kill all his sperm, to post a scene from Pulp Fiction with this conversation:

Whose motorcycle is this?

It’s a chopper, baby.

Whose chopper is this?

It’s Zed’s.

Who’s Zed?

Zed’s dead, baby. Zed’s dead.


If you’re going to be petty enough to post that story, you should have the balls to keep it up. There’s nowhere to go after Olivia Culpo but down. Even Priyanka Chopra and Tim Tebow’s fiance, Miss Universe 2017 are downgrades. Olivia really needs to stop fucking with guys under 6′ tall, that’s what I’ve learned from this situation. Nothing good can come of dating a short guy. Don’t get distracted by a 12 pack ladies, the fuckboy is hiding just under it. I’m still rooting for Olivia to fuck Edelman to end this once and for all.

Click here for Danny’s 10,000 word CTE induced Instagram post saying it was tough to date Olivia because he’s such a private person but then proceeds to talk about their sex life and threaten to release nudes.



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April 20, 2019 12:01 am

Is he on drugs or something? he seems desperate af.
It seems like you didn´t notice that Olivia started following https://www.instagram.com/christianmccaffrey/, he started following her on IG on march and he likes most of her ig pics.