Danny Amendola Is Having A Full Blown Meltdown On Instagram Because Olivia Hung Out With Zedd And Is Moving On With Her Life

It’s a casual Friday afternoon, winding down from a long week and I can’t even enjoy a quiet night on the couch without my civic duty being called into action. This isn’t the life I chose, this is the life that chose me, and I can’t just let Danny get away with trying to make Olivia out to be the bad one. Sure she probably made you take a few sponsored Instagrams of her outfits and hairstyles but that’s the life of a supermodel boyfriend. After posting and deleting his story taking very obvious butthurt shots at Zedd after they were spotted together at Coachella, Danny just went on a CTE induced RAMPAGE.

I already provided my official statement on the matter in video form because I have already written approximately 17 blogs on this unfortunate issue. The best thing Danny could have done in this post is claim that sex with Olivia is wild. We all knew she’s perfect on the outside and on the inside but now she’s also a freak in the sheets? Try and keep the men away now!!! She probably hasn’t even hooked up with Zedd and now she’s going to have someone like Jason Momoa knocking down her door. This girl deserves everything, and that does not include a psychotic rant from her ex boyfriend threatening to release her nudes. Next we’re going to have Nick Jonas back at her door playing I STILL GET JEALOUSSSS through a boombox. Unfuckingbelievable Danny–things must be really dire in Detroit.



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