New York Daily News Fires “Reporter” Chris Sheridan

CrossingBroad: Sources tell Crossing Broad that the New York Daily News will no longer be publishing stories from veteran NBA reporter Chris Sheridan.

One source with knowledge of the situation says Sheridan was uncooperative in providing his source material to the newspaper. He wrote a follow-up story for that was published this morning, an article titled “Why Sixers are angry about Daily News report on Ben Simmons.”

LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL. Just hate to see it. Chris you came into my life roughly 48 hours ago and just like that, poof. You’re gone. Some stars only burn half as long but twice as bright. That’s not you though. You are a grumpy old turd that became another internet casualty.

Guess that goes to show you. If you make up sources and lies just for clicks you’re sitting on borrowed time. Also sources* close to the situation told me after Chris’ boss read Ru’s blog the decision was quickly made to can him. Our source* added “Chris was a little wet blank bitch and I’m glad he was fired. He always stole everyone’s lunches and farted in the break room.”

Goodnight sweet prince. If you’re looking for some freelance work let me know. Just first apologize to me and my friends, Ben, Joel and Brett.

– JP

* We have no sources but neither did Chris. Are we doing this right?

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