MAJOR LEAGUE DRINKS… Team #3 Chicago Cubs Drink: ZOMBIE 🧟‍♀️

The next team up for Major League Drinks is going to be the Chicago Cubs. Chicago is known for being cold and windy and therefor I needed to find a drink that was cold and “windy” enough to put you on your ass aka STRONG! Our Chicago boys better be excited for this one!


I found this recipe on a website called “Supercall” known for strong cocktails and it legit said it was a “drink that will knock you on your ass.” It’s called a Zombie and looks deadly and according to the website, “the Zombie is intended for recreational use on a very limited basis,” which basically means its strong as fuck and you shouldn’t drink too many unless you want to wake up on a park bench with someone else’s clothes on and no shoes. But, I figure if Chicago fans can handle the cold, then they can handle this drink, and if not, then they need to toughen up!

Side Note: This drink is red so it matches the Cubs uniforms, too. Double Whammy.

Major League Team: Chicago Cubs

Major League Drink: Zombie


-3.5 oz Rum

-.25 oz Absinthe

-0.5 oz Falernum

-0.5 oz Donns Mix (cinnamon infused simple syrup)

-0.5 oz fresh lime juice

-1 tsp grenadine

-1 dash bitters

-Fresh Mint

Mix it up:

1. In a shaker with ice, add all ingredients except for 0.5 ounces of the rum and shake well.

2. Strain the mixed drink into a tall glass with crushed ice and top off with the remainder of the rum (this will give you a nice rum floater).

3. Garnish with mint and ENJOY being wrecked.


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