“I Know I Can Still Be Elite” Says Arrieta, Confirmed Elite Pitcher

that’s MY ace


Jake Arrieta pitches a gem en route to the Phillies taking another series win (they’ve won 4 out of 6 series this season and tied one) and this team is officially the real deal.

Arrieta finished the game going 8 innings deep giving up 6 hits (a handful of them were stopped by the infield with no play to be made), 2 ER, 2 BB, and 3 KOs. He’s now 3-1 on the season with a 2.25 ERA. This is the Jake Arrieta the Phillies hoped they were getting when they signed him last offseason. When he’s on he’s ON. “I know I can still be elite,” he said after the game.

Arrieta looked like he was going to go all nine until he gave up a baserunner with no outs, and Kapler put his decision in the hands of our anemic bullpen. Hector Nerris somehow pulled this game out of his ass in the ninth, getting himself in and out of a jam. Without a doubt this bullpen will be the death of me this year (trying to delete blog about how this bullpen is fine as we speak).

The star of this series was without a question Scott Kingery. Kingery has officialy entered ‘Best Shape of His Life’ territory. He hit 2 Kingery Dingerys in as many days and is currently batting over .500. This guy NEEDS an every day spot until his bat cools off. With Segura battling a minor injury it looks like he’ll hang around at short for a couple games or steal some reps from Cesar at second.

Enjoy this thread of moonshots from the last couple games and go Phils!

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