Brooks Koepka Seems To Be Doing Just Fine After Losing To Tiger At The Masters

After Tiger’s big win at the Masters last weekend, men everywhere started openly weeping about how important it was for the game of golf since Tiger was responsible for their love for golf in the first place. I’ve been anti-golf forever after spending most of my childhood being forced to listen to Jim Nantz every Saturday and Sunday while my dad snored on the couch.

Most middle class white kids experienced the same thing. But while Tiger embedded a “love for the game” for men everywhere, Brooks Koepka *does it* for me. I’ve always thought of the game of golf being designed for skinny, nerdy rich kids or 65 year old grandpas. That is until Brooks Koepka and his thicc thighs came onto the scene looking hot in golf pants.


Despite being barely mentioned last weekend even though he tied for 2nd and won $860,000, Brooks is living the life with his hot gf Jena Sims in the Virgin Islands. Tiger may have won the Masters and made millions of men cry but here’s Brooks flexin’ his triceps and grabbin’ some ass for all of Instagram to see. I didn’t even notice she was topless at first. Sure doesn’t look like Jena is thinking about Tiger anymore. Plus look at that tan and flowing hair, and I’m not talking about her. Sheesh. Tiger can have all the Perkins waitresses he wants, Brooks has got himself an IG model.



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