The NHL Has Been a Zoo During The First Round of Playoffs

The first round of the NHL playoffs is a very sacred time. 3 games a night, some intensity that was lacking during the season. It’s the best.

The first round has had some very interesting headlines.

The Tampa Bay Lightning swept in 4.

Every NHL bracket has been ruined. The bolts had a modern cap era record by acquiring 128 points through the regular season. Only to shit their shorts and lose four straight in the first round… this team was fucking unreal top to bottom, and the fact they just got taken out by the lunch pail boys up in Columbus led by big dick John Tortorella is insanity. These kinds of upsets don’t happen in other sports using 7 game series formats, and if they do they aren’t happening first round after record breaking seasons. Crazy. I feel for Tampa fans.

@DannyAllstar15 – Twitter

The Pittsburgh Penguins swept in 4.

The Pens have been relevant for over a decade straight snagging 3 cups across this time dating back to the 08-09 season. Getting swept by a blue collar Islanders squad was something not many were calling for. The fact that the Isles were able to shut down the Pens first line holding Sydney Crosby to a single assist through the whole series is incredible. Crosby has skated in 28 post season series in the NHL. 1 assist ties his lowest point total during any series throughout his career. Also , the Isles were running a fourth Line that would look right at home in the early 90’s. Gritty hockey is winning games against new age skill teams, hockey nerd twitter doesn’t have an explanation. It makes me so happy.

Kadri Suspension

Nazem Kadri has done it again folks. He’s fucked up. Almost a year to the day that he was suspended for similar Tom Foolery a year prior. They could of just fought and got it over with early but instead they essentially went shot for shot until Kadri tried to perform a root canal in the corner. Everyone needs to shut up about this… he did something dumb, he’s suspended, end of story. Tough loss for the Leafs who are now without one of their grittier more rambunctious forwards. Luckily they stole game 3 Sunday night. Let’s see what happens in Game 4.

Joe Thornton Suspension

The greatest beard in sports has been suspended. Of course he has, everyone’s getting suspended left and right. Big Daddy Joe no exception, a hard hit a little high results in him getting tossed for one game.


Nikita Kucherov suspension

128 fucking points…. most since 2005-2006 and he gets suspended first round for a somewhat dirty little bump from behind. A little bit questionable but either way Kuch finds himself swinging the sticks on the golf course regardless.

Evander Kane vs Ryan Reaves

The boys were barking all series long, until late in the 3rd of game 3. They shed the shit and get it ON. Reaves is easily the toughest guy in the game don’t try an argue it because it’s no contest, he’s 80’s tough. But Kane has never backed down from anyone and held his own pretty well. Reaves gets the nod but you can’t do nothing but respect a 30 goal scorer taking on the hatchet man.

The first round isn’t even over yet. Hold onto your hats folks. We are just getting started.

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