Phillies Fan Jumps On The Field And It Begs The Question, Has Philadelphia Gone Soft?

Fans that jump on the field or court are both annoying and regretfully to say, entertaining. Not entertaining due to their antics, but more because we’re waiting to see how security is going to handle them. Will they just catch him easily? Will the runner be, as John Kruk suggested last night, clotheslined?

Well this is what we got last night. Ankle breaking, fortnite dancing and then he just kinda gave up.

Come on Philly!!! If we’re going to run on the field and try to embarrass fat security guards, you have to at least try and escape as well. Or hop in the bullpen, toss some warm ups. Don’t just give up, make them earn it. Kids these days are so soft.

Now on the flip side, what happened to these security guards? Remember the old yellow jackets at the vet? They would bash your skull on the ground for this type of tom foolery. Or can we all recall the “don’t tase me bro” Phillies fan meme? Those guards weren’t fucking around. Bring those guys back. Never forget where I was for that iconic moment.

We need to get our grit back. That starts with laying the lumber to fans that jump on the field. Yes, the Phillies have stunk for the past couple years. Seats were empty, I get slacking on the security. But we’re back to sell outs, dingers and idiot drunk kids. Might need to sure up the boys in blue. Let’s get back to our Philly roots, let’s get back to bone crushing hits, and tasing the youth of this fine city.

Do it for Ben Franklin.

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