Max Kellerman Is Denying The Vicious Rumors That He Farted 7 Times During First Take

A video came out from yesterday’s First Take that clearly depicted Max Kellerman farting on camera and trying to cover it up with a fake cough. It became so viral that Max was forced to address the issue, especially after Reddit user YaBoiMirakek did a very deep dive outlining SEVEN times Max let it rip during a Stephen A rant.

Watch the video and see for yourself:

Screen Shot 2019-04-17 at 10.34.54 AM.png

Here is Max’s official statement given on the Dan Le Batard show yesterday:

“Right before I got off the set I saw this, right before the last commercial break, and I tried to listen for it and I couldn’t hear it,” Kellerman said. “Even just now when you played it, I couldn’t hear it. But let’s say there was that noise, I don’t know who dealt it. It wasn’t me, that’s all I can tell you.”

Now we all have lived our entire lives by the rule “whoever smelt it, dealt it” and while no pungent odor out of the ordinary was reported from Molly Qerim or Stephen A, Max seems extremely suspect. You’re trying to tell me he couldn’t hear that very clear farting noise? Does he think his cough actually helped hide his transgressions?

Usually Max’s fart noises come out of his mouth in the form of rotten smelling takes, but there’s no denying there was AT LEAST 1 confirmed fart broadcast over the airwaves on America’s favorite daily TV show. Think of the children Max!?! How will Ed Werder’s kids handle this?? What a terrible example it sets for children everywhere to not just own up to their farts like a real adult. Is he trying to imply that it was Molly farting? There’s only 3 people mic’d up during the segment, and Stephen A was way too busy ripping Kevin Durant to rip a fart, let alone 7. Even if it was Molly tooting her way through a Stephen A rant, you take the fall for it Max. That’s what good guys do.

Everyone has tummy issues here and there, no judgement, but own up to it like you do your horrible and emotionless takes, Max. I’m not mad, just really disappointed. #FartWatch2019



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