So We’re Just Going to Act Like Noah Syndergaard Isn’t a Big Fat Cheater?

There’s been a lot of buzz on social media today about “Thor” seemingly using a sticky substance on his fingers during last night’s Phillies/Mets game.

First of all – Thor is not a good nickname for this guy. He’s a fucking pretty boy. Does he have great hair and a large frame? Sure. But the real Thor could absolutely smash me, even without his cool hammer. Noah Syndergaard looks like one of those hippy softies who stuck flowers in the barrells of soldiers’ guns during ‘Nam.

Anyway, here’s the video of Noah Cheatergaard rubbing his fingers in a big ol’ mess of pine tar on his golve.

That’s enough evidence for me. I think he should catch a 10 game suspension by the league, and a lifetime ban from Citizen’s Bank Park.

Featured Photo – Wikipedia

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