Patriots Sign Demaryius Thomas To Monster 1 Year Deal

The Patriots have been “struggling at wide receiver” for the past 10 years, so the signing of former Broncos and Texans WR Demariyus Thomas will certainly solve everything and hopefully get them back to their first Super Bowl in the last year. And on Bill Belichick’s birthday nontheless!!

The NFL is reporting the deal to be worth up to $6 million, fully breaking the bank and putting the Patriots salary cap in danger. All joking aside, if the Patriots don’t do anything else at WR this offseason, Thomas could be the highest paid receiver on the team (including tight end).

Thomas has most recently been in the news for a horrific car accident he survived in Colorado, and the photos are pretty stunning to look at.


He faces charges of felony vehicular assault, reckless driving and no proof of insurance and he’s also coming off a torn achilles in his last season with the Texans so Patriots fans really have no clue who we’re getting, even though the name alone will cause uproar among some pink hats. He was coached by Josh McDaniels, so at least there is some insider knowledge of his character.

Based on Bill Belichick and the Patriots history, you’ve got to think either Thomas will become a major asset and huge contributor to help fill the losses of Chris Hogan and Gronk, or he will be cut before the preseason. Thomas, Josh Gordon and Gronk could be quite the combo when the Patriots hit their end of season stride.





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