Markelle Fultz’s Love Life Is Even Messier Than His Jump Shot

Everything about Markelle Fultz’ NBA career has been very messy. From his free throw form to his actual jump shot, the former first overall pick is now “in” the playoffs with the Orlando Magic (a factual statement in 2019). But the ugliness at the free throw line pales in comparison to the ugliness in Fultz’ personal life. He tried to destroy the Sixers, and now he’s trying to destroy an entire family.

In the same realm as the struggles Jayson Tatum is having, life as a 20 year old NBA player can be rough with the ladies. The NBA really should start a program led by like Nick Young and Gilbert Arenas about the dangers of having unprotected sex with strippers and IG models. Some light torture methods. 20 year old high draft picks who have been coddled and praised for their entire lives have no idea how much child support costs? Are they too young to have the lyrics to Golddigger ingrained in their brains? 18 years, 18 years…. Plus strippers know how to get every last dime out of you. It’s obvious Fultz still needs to work on his form on the court and his pull out method in the bedroom.


The story goes back to early last year when Markelle was dating Instagram model/stripper Kat Mack. Around September she then announced Fultz got her pregnant and then started fucking her sister/best friend. I’m not sure if this is typical lingo among the stripper community but I’m still having trouble deciphering if this woman is her actual sister or just her friend since the other girls name is Sierra Mack.

“So let’s tell the world how u got me pregnant. Tried to blame it on me, was suicidal, stressed me to the point i lost my baby, (which everything has proof). Then f*ck with my sister/best friend right after, who already has a kid and lives with her parents.”


Kat addressed the situation with an eloquent statement on Sports Gossip’s original post, simply reiterating the quintessential stripper motto: hoes will be hoes.


Unfortunately Kat had a miscarriage but made a sick dig at her “best friend” who already has a kid and lives at home with her parents. YIKES. Assuming these women are close in age to Fultz, who is 20, I am not going to internet shame them for still living with their parents quite yet although I’m quite confident strippers actually make more than I do annually, so she should be able to at least afford rent at this point.


Around October, right around the time things started falling apart with the Sixers, Sierra was claiming Fultz as her man via IG story. Her page is private but her bio does state she is an “unfriendly black hottie” so do with that as you will.


OK so we’ve got Fultz getting one stripper pregnant then leaving her for her best friend/possible sister. With all this free time while he rehabs his “unknown” shoulder/wrist injury, he’s got a little more free time to mess with the stripper community once more.

A few days ago Fultz posted this weird Instagram story, and those lucky enough to follow Sierra Mack on Insta must have been pretty confused. If you’re going to leave a pregnant stripper for her sister, it’s got to be the real deal, right?


The most shocking development in this saga is that apparently people still use Snapchat. Sierra claims Markelle logged into her Snapchat account and posted a middle finger selfie and a quick note “fuck all yall” to her family and friends?


First of all Fultz’s middle finger form is even worse than his jump shot. It took me a few minutes to even notice the middle finger here. Second of all do people from Maryland even get to say ya’ll? THIRD OF ALL, who gives out their Snapchat password??? That is the most insane part of this entire thing. So now it unfortunately seems that things are no longer puppies and rainbows with Markelle and Sierra. My thoughts and prayers are with them at this time. Nothing a little night out at the club and a few DMs to some other athletes can’t fix. Sierra and her sister will be back in no time, but please I beg you stay away from the Lakers.

Trying to decipher the ins and outs of this story is more challenging than doctors trying to give a firm diagnosis on his medical condition. I should be awarded a PHD in athlete relationships at this point.

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