We Have Our First Whale Super Bowl Baby Boom

The only field trip I remember getting to do growing up in New England was whale watching. I never faked sick and never got sick because I was a huge kiss ass, except for the one day it was my time to go on the whale watching field trip. My friends all skipped the field trip to go to the mall like true badasses and I was stuck at home sick for the one day of the year it would have been cool to not be sick. I think deep down I’m kind of relieved I didn’t have to choose because as embarrassing as it is to admit, I think I would have rather gone on the whale watching field trip. I remember being so jealous of all the kids who actually got to see a whale. Sometimes you’d hear horror stories of kids going on those field trips and no whales showed up that day. You ended up with like 25 seasick kids and no cool whale memories. You can imagine why some 14 year olds would rather go to the food court of the mall.

As we continue to destroy the planet and kill all of the wildlife around us, it looks like the New England Patriots have sparked a baby boom of rare species in New England.

The North Atlantic right whale is one of the rarest species of whale on the planet, numbering only about 411. But the Center for Coastal Studies in Provincetown, Massachusetts, said Friday its aerial survey team spotted two mom and calf pairs in Cape Cod Bay a day earlier. That brings the number seen in New England waters alone this year to three.

That’s big news because the whale’s population has been falling, and no calves were seen last year. In all, seven right whale calves have been seen so far this year.

Boston Globe

When you win 6 championships over 18 years, you can start to take them for granted. But for some rare species of whales, this was the first championship they had seen in their lifetime. That type of winning culture just infiltrates an entire ecosystem, from the people to the pets to the marine life. As Tom Brady raised his 6th Lombardi and the city started prepping for their 2nd consecutive victory parade, the North Atlantic right whale’s were getting it on. I can see how something like that would happen. You get caught up in the celebration, have a few too many victory beers and forget to wrap it up. Nine months or however long it takes to have a whale later, and the population is booming.

The whales give birth off Georgia and Florida in the winter and travel to feeding grounds off New England in the early spring, including the Gulf of Maine, a body of water that touches Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Maine and Canada.

Not going to dive into how the numbers work out here but the whales were all born off Georgia, coincidentally where Super Bowl 53 took place and are now back home, presumably because OTA’s are coming up. The Patriots are not only changing the history of football, but they are saving the environment too.





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