Want Anxiety? Look At The Worst Traffic Jams

Nick Ru

Getting stuck in traffic jams can ruin your day! Most of us have been stuck in some bad ones over the years but were they as bad as these? Check out some of the worst ones of all time. – MSN (All Imaged and facts from MSN)


Hainan, China

Over 100,000 cars waiting to board ferries in February 2018.  Stretched 6 miles long


Gurugram, India

July 2016 in India stretched over 9 miles long.  People were stuck for over 12 hours


Brebes, Indonesia

13 miles and last THREE DAYS! 12 people died as well in July 2016


Beijing-Hong Kong-Macau Expressway, China

October 2015, 50 lanes merging into 20.


São Paulo, Brazil

214 mile traffic jam in June 2014 during some world cup games


Chicago, Illinois

20 inches of snow in February 2011 ends in a 12 hour traffic jam


Beijing, China

August 2010 a 62 mile jam that lasted 12 days!

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