The Trailer For Chris Lilley’s New Netflix Show “Lunatics” Puts Game of Thrones To Shame

Chris Lilley is the most influential comedic genius of our generation, do not @ me. I already know most of you peasants don’t put enough respek on his name for voting Ja’mie King out of the Bad Bitchness Bracket in the first round, despite being a 2 seed.

His ability to create characters with such layers, each as laugh out loud funny as the next is what makes people use the words ‘genius’ and ‘legend’ when talking about his creations. If you haven’t yet seen We Can Be Heroes, Summer Heights High and Angry Boys (along with Ja’mie: Private School and Jonah from Tonga and hopefully someday Mr G’s own production), you need to get out from the rock you’re living under and discover the greatness that is Chris Lilley and his alternate personalities. Then you’ll be involved in some of the best inside jokes of all time like:

“Puck you miss!!”

“Tits out for the boys!”

You might even learn the words to Naughty Girl

And if you’re that cool you will start tagging dicktation on everything like normal 30 year old women do.


In a hyper sensitive, “I’m offended” culture, Chris Lilley and his characters are some of the only happiness some of us get in life. Out of nowhere last week, rumblings started that Chris Lilley was spotted filming a new project and my heart almost exploded. At first we only saw one character, who some were calling problematic. All Chris Lilley fans were at the edge of our seats.

But now the full Netflix trailer has dropped and we only have to wait another 4 days to binge the whole thing. His new show “Lunatics” drops on Friday 4/19 on Netflix and now everyone’s 4/20 plans are set.

From the trailer, we find out we’re getting SIX new characters and I can’t quite decide which one is my favorite yet.

First we meet Jana, a “South African lesbian pet psychic to the stars”, seen telling a client her husband jerks off during the day when she isn’t home.

Quentin Cook‘s clip is the funniest of the bunch at first watch. He works for his family’s real estate business and they all have huge asses. Sounds like it was inspired by another famous family–but Quentin’s true dreams are to be a famous DJ.

Joyce, a hoarder and ex-adult movie star, claims to be the most famous Australian porn star of all time.

Gavin, a 12 year old who is apparently “destined to become the future Earl of an English country estate” but gets a lot of random boners and has a prolific YouTube channel.

Next is Becky, a twin just under 7’3 in her first year of college with braces and some lit Instagram stories. My favorite clip in the whole trailer is getting her hair stuck in a ceiling fan.

Last is Keith Dick, described as a “retail veteran in love with a cash register”. He’s started promoting these on Instagram, starting with Keith expertly pictured suggestively grabbing one of his mannequins.

I can only expect as much hype on Friday as Game of Thrones got last week for this release. I haven’t anticipated a TV show more since Lindsay Lohan’s Beach Club.



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