The Bruins Receive Great News Ahead of Game 3 in Toronto

For as great of a win Game 2 was for the Bruins back in Boston, it didn’t come without fallout. Boston ended the game down two defensemen and saw Toronto’s Kadri sent to the locker room early after shit went sideways as a response to the Bruins physical dominance all game.

Kadri has a history of dirty plays in the league and even with the Bruins. He was suspended last year in the playoffs after a dirty hit on Tommy Wingles, also in Boston.

At this point it is what it is. Kadri is a dirty player. I’m not one of those people sitting here calling for Kadri’s head and calling him the dirtiest in the game. Any Bruins fan doing so is a hypocrite knowing Marchand. However, the difference is Kadri doesn’t have 100 points. It’s harder to put up with it at that point. Regardless, he will likely be gone for most of, if not, the entirety of this series and is no longer a Bruins problem.

What is a Bruins problem is the fallout of the physicality they brought in Game 2. It’s the physicality that it will likely take for the Bruins to win the cup, but as we’ve learned all year, it comes at a cost. In Game 2 that cost was Krug and DeBrusk’s health, at least we were worried it did.

Luckily that 2-day nightmare of not knowing is over and Krug and DeBrusk were both present for morning skate in Toronto Monday and seemed ready to play tonight in their pressers following practice.

I said it after Game 1 and it held true. This Bruins offense is too good to allow 30+ shots and expect Anderson and save them all. In Game 2 he let in four of them despite being Toronto’s best player in the game. It only gets worse for him from here. The Bruins don’t take their foot off the gas when they’re cooking. That means it’s time for the Bruins to go into Toronto and get back the home ice they lost in Game 1. Then after that they squash Toronto. Put them out of their misery and go take advantage of a wide open East with both Pittsburgh and Tampa down 3-0 in their series.

This is a championship team with a favorable path clearing on the horizon. Take care of business and for the love of God stop getting hurt, please.

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Feature Image via Boston Herald

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