Satanville – Delco’s most Prolific Urban Legend

Before I begin to tell anyone this story: Please don’t go looking for Satanville. In my experience it’s not worth your time. Go find Midgetville or drive down Dog Kennel Road. There’s better attractions to be had in Delco Pa with none of the danger.

Growing up in Delaware County Pennsylvania can be a great time. Between drinking natty in the woods or hanging out in local Wawa parking lots, there’s so much to do. Kidding. Teenagers frequently find trouble. I like many Delco teens tried to avoid it the best I could with making our own less criminal fun. I found Midgetville and my friends and I explored abandoned buildings and haunted local attractions. 1 we didn’t fully bargain for was Satanville in Chadds Ford Pa. The legend we all grew up hearing always stated that once you found the location and opened the gate you would drive in until a White Bronco with the Devil Himself driving it would chase you out firing a shotgun in your direction. The property was infested with inbred DuPont offspring. Had to be just an urban legend right? Not entirely so.

I won’t name the friends but 3 guys from Springfield and I went twice with no avail. We would get to the Wawa on route 1 in the time before GPS’s and get tragically lost for hours until we gave up and went home. We ended up going a third time because I map quested the route we wanted to explore. It’s been so long that I don’t remember remember all who were in my Ford Excursion that night but I do remember the fear. This time we found the Devil’s Road with ease. In the dimming daylight there’s something so ominous and frightening about a road who’s trees arch away.

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The first thing we did was locate the tree:

Everyone has heard their own version of this story but the one I always heard was that a DuPont baby, born with horns was bricked in under this tree so that it would keep him as it’s eternal prisoner. Only he was too strong and escaped only to commandeer a white Bronco and chase stupid Delco kids who come looking for him.

I’m here to tell you I’ve seen the white Bronco. It’s not Satan but it might as well be.

I’d feel safer if it was OJ behind the wheel.

So, we got deep back into the woods. We had found a gate that had mud tracks and followed them in. Quickly you find yourself off-roading. My parents would be pissed if they knew I had just done that in their car let alone find a KKK gathering. Yes. We found a Burning cross and my ass hitailed it the hell out of there. There was men. Quite a few more than I would have ever realized were KKK members in Delco Pa. I don’t think we were ever chased by that white Bronco but my friends claimed we were. My foot was on that pedal so fast. What we found actually shocked the hell out of me. I warned my brother never to go. He did. Why? Cause I told him not to and he’s a stunod. He actually totaled his car back there finding out the same thing I did. Don’t go messing with Satanville.

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