New York Red Bulls’ Player Takes Frustration Out On Fan. Leaving Him Bloody

You might not have been watching the New York Red Bulls’ game last night because of, oh I don’t know, the Masters, Game of Thrones and literally anything else. But if you were you would have seen this brawl and fan attack take place. Red Bull player Kaku (love the single namers in soccer) blasted a fan right in the face at the end of a game last night in Kansas City.

KC fans are too soft. They should have pounced all over this guy. Not saying you should jump on the field pitch during a game but your friend takes a fast ball to the nose something needs to be done. After the match a few players came over to check on the fan, none of which was Kaku.

Would have loved to see him come out and the fans go all Palace of Auburn Hills on him. If a soccer player gets their baby toe rubbed they nearly explode into a million pieces. This 55+ gentlemen took a rocket to the face and didn’t even need the special spray. Some men are just built Ford tough.

PS. Check this apology. LOLOLOL riiiiiiiiiight

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