My Name Is Joe And I Have A Secret Shame

Everyone has their vice. Gambling, drinking or drug, you name it, someone does it. Those are just facts and we accept them. However everyone has their deepest darkest secret shame. Something they don’t tell anyone about. Maybe your coworker John likes to go home and dance around his apartment in ladies underwear to Hanson. More power to you John, you do you.

Or maybe Lisa from accounting likes to open up a big bottle of red wine at night and rub peanut butter between her toes. Practical? No. Weird? You bet. But when you see Lisa at the team meeting on Monday you’ll have no idea because that’s her little dark secret.

Like Lisa, I too have a secret shame that I am ready to admit. No I don’t like the feel of peanut butter in between my toes but that’s mostly because I’ve never tried it.  I actually think mine might be way worse. Anyway here it goes. No need to drag this on any longer…..

I, CEO Joe, am obsessed with………

How Ridiculous videos.

Please don’t judge me. I know they give a “Dude Perfect” vibe but I can’t stop watching them. Just three Aussies throwing it off a 45m ledge on to other shit. It’s so addictive that I will stop whatever I am doing just to watch this idiots. It fills some type of animal instinct that I have to see things gets destroyed. I can’t explain it but they have those rooms where you pay to bash shit with a baseball bat. This is kind of the same thing.

Look I’m not proud of it but you watch one of these and tell me you don’t want to see more carnage.

Featured Image: Pinterest by Claudette Mangrum

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