Mitch “MVP” Moreland Comes Through Again Before Devers Walks-Off for the Sox

Baby steps people. You have to walk before you run and that has never been more true than with the Red Sox. Which means what once was the standard of great starting pitching and hoping the offense and bullpen holds true to grab a win in 2018, has turned into taking what we can get as Sox fans.

Thursday night was the best example of that as it was yet again a home run derby against the Sox. However, it ended in the pivotal fourth win of the season for the Sox.

To get there they needed their bats to step up again and as it has all season, that started with Martinez and Moreland.

Martinez knocked an RBI double to start a 3rd inning rally to clean up Eovaldi’s mess only to allow Moreland to come through in the clutch yet again late in the game.

Martinez and Moreland have been without a doubt the goto guys in the lineup so far this season, but you don’t win without everyone, especially when your starters can’t keep a ball within 1,000 yards of Fenway Park.

That said, enter Raffy time.

Devers added an RBI double earlier in the game during the 3rd inning rally.

This was such an important win for the Red Sox. It’s not because they need any win they can get, which they do, but it’s more for the attitude. It’s becoming evidently clear that it’s not just physical adjustments with the starting pitchers that need to be addressed. It’s the whole demeanor of the team that is letting them down right now. It may be fatigue from last season or contempt in winning it all. Whatever it may be it’s not the necessary confidence needed to go out and repeat. The team we saw Thursday night was the one that wins. The same team that last season you never felt were out of a game. That team needs to return on a daily basis. If that continues then the ship will be righted in Boston.

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Feature Image via Boston Herald

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