MAJOR LEAGUE DRINKS… Team #2: New York Yankees Drink: Manhattan

Well, Major League Drinks continues with Major League Baseball team #2 ….the New York Yankees! This one’s for Kmess even though it pains me, but since I did the Mets the other day, I figure let me cover the other New York baseball team! (As I slowly roll my eyes).

When people think of New York, they think of Manhattan. There’s even a drink named after the city so obviously that has to be the drink of the New York Yankees (even though they play in the Bronx, but close enough).

Team: New York Yankees

Drink: Manhattan By Garnish With a Lemon


-3 oz whisky or bourbon

-1 capful of dry vermouth

-1 capful of sweet vermouth

-1 dash bitters (optional)

-2 to 3 drops of maraschino cherry juice

-2 maraschino cherries for garnish

Mix it up:

1. Place ice cubes in a low ball glass until almost filled

2. Add first 5 ingredients in order listed

3. Stir well then top with maraschino cherries


Keep it classy, Yanks fans.

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