Bruins Drop Game 1 to Toronto in One-Sided Track Meet

Going into this series I’ve been telling everyone and their mothers that this would be a big disappointment should the Bruins lose this series against Toronto. With all due respect to Toronto’s front end, top-tier offensive talent, the Bruins are much more complete team.

As it turns out, that doesn’t matter one bit when our defense parts the seas and allows every top 15 player the Maple Leafs have to race up the middle for uncontested break aways.

You would need three friends to have enough fingers to count how many odd man rushes Toronto had in game 1. The most insulting part was it was in Boston.

HOWEVER, this does not mean the series is gone and lost. Maybe a punch in the face on the back end is what they needed. The man rushes and short handed opportunities allowed have been the Bruins achilles heel all season. That was never more evident than Thursday night.

There were positives despite how I’m framing this. The Bruins managed to rack up 38 shots on net even if they were only able to see an early one cross the goal line. The talent on this team will not allow for another game with that much pressure to only produce 1 goal for the good guys.

This series is long from over and cocky or not, going into this series I did believe it wouldn’t be easy. That doesn’t mean it’s not a series they should and need to win. They will get back on the horse and send a message in game 2. The D will be back when necessary and they will limit the turnovers on our offensive blue line. This team isn’t dead, only pissed. They’ll show that Saturday night.

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