The Movie “US” Had Me Thinking…

Saw the movie ‘US’ last night in theatres.. Not bad, not bad at all. Jordan Peele is making some fucking hot shit right now.

I’m not a movie critic or anything, and I’m not giving away spoilers but if you haven’t seen the movie yet… Stop reading. I want you to see it first and experience what I did, and THEN come back and read this and ponder some similar questions the movie brought up as I have.

After realizing that essentially the movie was about the clones of a family from something-or-other coming after the family to kill them, and it turns out essentially everyone in the movie has clones and they all come to kill the fucking shit out of them, I got distracted with the premise and could not for the life of me get one particular question out of my head for the rest of the movie.

Could I kick my own ass?…

A question so simple, yet, with answers unknown.

Im a pretty big body, Im 6’2 about 230, not in mid season form at the moment so obviously thats an immediate concern but Im sure I could hold my own. If I am talking about taking on an ‘Us’ version of myself thats gone nuts and is crazy that comes with some immediate and noticeable challenges.

Den of Geek

-Red Jumpsuit (very practical in multiple facets)
-Huge Red scissors
– A bat
-Angry as fuck

MovieWeb I am not a snap show, but if I snap, I’m snappin. So fighting angry me would be a disadvantage, but I think I could outsmart myself if I was seeing red. I have a pretty high pain tolerance. I used to go outside late at night when everyone was asleep during those dark and lonely Canadian Winters, slip into something tight and sit in the snow until my lips would turn blue. I can take the shit. So as messy as it could get, I think I would come out on top..

It then lead me further into this question.. If I was fighting a younger version of myself, say the 18 year old me, who was the exact same size – Could I kick his ass? I am still saying yes, 100%. I could mop the floor with 18 year old me for a joke. I used to think I was so nails at that age, playing Jr. Hockey thinking I was a beauty, fighting a bit here and there so I actually thought I was tough too. I was the worst. I would smarten that kid the fuck up right now.

This may have just started a new genre of clone movies, what if we got Rocky vs Rocky? Rambo vs Rambo????? Not to go off on a tangent, but the possibilities are endless and may have to be discussed at a later time,

All I am saying is possibly the greatest form of reflection could be fighting yourself. If you can beat the wheels off yourself, can you beat the wheels off anybody?

No.. thats fucking stupid, and chances are you’re a pussy.

But what I’m actually trying to say is, next time you’re down in life, turn that shit around by beating the fucking wheels off of yourself. In a good way.

But on a serious note, enough tom foolery. Could you kick your own ass? what younger age of yourself would you be most afraid of? And if you are older and reading this how much of younger of a version of yourself would you need to go back and find in order to have that threshold where you could beat yourself up again? This was the main message behind the movie so we may as well discuss this.

sincerely, not a movie buff. but,


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