A Tradition Unlike Any Other…. The John Daly Augusta Party.

It’s Masters week… How can you not be excited? You will see the color green like you’ve never seen before. You will hear the most beautiful music you’ve ever heard in your life. You will see people without cell phones actually watching the action.

It is a tradition unlike any other.

And, so it what is happening right down the street from the course in Augusta!

That’s right… The big man is at it again. TRULY a tradition unlike any other. Every year during The Masters John Daly parks his RV in the Hooters parking lot and… Has a party.

He sells merchandise, he signs autographs, tells stories, drinks drinks… Smokes some cigars and just hangs with his people. And really… We are all his people.

I mean look at the man, he’s an American hero!

Image – Golf Week

He can hit a golf ball 9 miles… Off a beer can, while wearing flag shorts and smoking a cigarette. What says ‘MERICA more than that? Nothing that I can think of.

Not to mention he is the namesake of the best god damn drink on the planet. “The John Daly.” It’s basically just a “drunken Arnold Palmer.” Iced Tea, Lemonade and Vodka baby!

Every year I try to get tickets to the Masters and every year I never get them, and every year I am bummed. However CEO Joe and I have decided next year Branded Sports will be hitting the road to Augusta….

For the John Daly party.

Look at that hair, another tradition unlike any other.

Image – Golf Digest

The party never stops for John Daly… Even when a car literally drove into his RV a couple years ago. Did John press charges? Nope he brought them into the party… Gave him a sweet hat and cracked him a brew.

As you can see this year’s party didn’t take long to get into full swing. I mean who wouldn’t want a John Daly ass autograph?

So just remember when you are watching the classiest event in sports this weekend. (I can’t wait.) When Jim Nance is whispering about a Tiger Woods putt… Just know that right down the road quiet possibly the best party in the world is throwing down!

Image – Bleacher Report

Ya god damn right John is a Cowboys fan!


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