Yankees Pen blow two in a row!

The Yankees have been off to what you can say is a rocky start… At best. The injuries to the team have been piling up since before the season even started.

Then on Tuesday it came out that they would be completely shutting down their ace Luis Severino for 6 weeks after a set back during his rehab.

Image – NY Times

All along the starting pitching has been identified as the biggest question mark for this team, and the bullpen being their biggest strength. But lately… The roles have been reversed.

The young starting pitchers who are playing to cover up the missing pieces of Sevy and CC have been pitching great. German had a no hitter into the 6th on Sunday, Cessa has had good stuff and Loaisiga has been very solid.

A pleasant surprise to most Yankee fans. However this high powered bullpen has been unable to slam the door shut the last two games in Houston.

There are almost no “must win” games in the beginning of April. However the last two games against Houston IN Houston… With leads late were as close to must win as possible.

The Sox has been off to their worst start in years, even losing their home opener to the Blue Jays on Tuesday. This is when the Yankees need to be finishing games they have in their grasp to try and get a hold of the division.

…But no.

Monday night Tanaka went pitch for pitch against Justin Verlander, and left the game with a lead. The Yanks were up 3-1 with 3 innings to go and turning the game over to their bullpen. The bullpen that has already been tagged possibly “the best in history.”

First… In the bottom of the 7th with righty after righty after righty coming to bat why the hell would Aaron Boone put Britton on the bump? It makes no sense, you could see the lead evaporating before it even happened.

And then, it happened. 2 hits.. 2 runs.. Tie game. Then in the 8th the Yankees shinny new reliever Adam Ottavino (who has been great) wearing the number 0 came in and…

2 hits.. 1 run.. Astros up 4-3… Game over. A 3-1 lead turned into a 4-3 loss in the blink of an eye and it happened on the watch of the Yankees powerful bullpen. Was it managed wrong by Boone? I think so. Britton should have never been out to face those righty’s in the 7th.

Then Tuesday night. Again another solid performance from a starter, this time one of their young guys. Jonathan Losisiga. 3.0 innings, 4 H, 2 R, 2 BB and 5 K’s. Not a Cy Young performance but winnable against the big bad Astros in Houston.

The Yanks again had a lead, 3-2. The bullpen held on until the bottom of the 7th… Again. Holder came in, gave up 2 hits, 1 run and gave up the lead. Tie ballgame 3-3.

(The Yankees offense did nothing to help try and regain the lead.)


In the 8th. Chad Green came on. After a leadoff hit he couldn’t find the strike zone. Two walks in a row then… Springer came up and crushed a double down the line. Astros 5 Yankees 3. Ballgame. The Stros would tack on another run against Tommy Kahnle and won a second straight comeback against the Yanks 6-3.

Yes they are without Betances. But there are still so many good arms in this bullpen. Yes they are going against arguably one of the top 3 teams in baseball… But arguably so are they. When you have mounting injuries you MUST rely on the strengths of your team to get you through.

And the past two games that strength was a glaring weakness.


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